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The most advanced radar technology

hyds exclusively uses the most advanced radar technology to meet the current demands for high resolution and quantitative interpretation.

Specifically, hyds manages a group of software tools that include

  • Management of control of radar network operations.
  • Algorithm chain that allows radar data to be corrected to attain quantitative values.
  • Algorithms to generate outputs based on radar data (outputs for peak rainfall, accumulated rainfall, meteorological type, short- to medium-term rain forecast, rainfall alerts based on radar output, etc.).
  • The tools to view radar output, whether for operating tasks or those involving advanced treatment, provide 3D viewing and analysis of data.
  • Hydrological modelling tools to generate hydrological output based on quantitative output based on radar data (river flows, flow forecasts, routine flow management, hydrological alert tools, etc.).
  • Tools to view hydrological output and advanced treatment.

All this technology is at the service of the end product, in order to obtain the best forecast and the most precise calculation of future events possible.

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