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Know how you can save money and improve the service with WiGolf

Know how you can save money and
improve the service with

Continuous 24-hour support

Every worker has his or her mission and this is especially true of club managers, who work under the pressure of activities aimed at the public, requiring the maximum level of quality and service at all times. In this situation there is often no time to consult specific information on meteorological conditions, which change from day to day. For this reason, WiGolf has been designed as a living, active tool, which is

constantly observing current and future meteorological conditions and alerts interested parties only when they require important information for decision making. The warnings are sent by SMS or email, and the alert parameters can be set up by the user, with the possibility of creating different profiles that manage different types of information and thus send different types of warnings.


At one time or another, outdoor sports activities, especially in open spaces and involving metal objects or conductors, take place in meteorological conditions with a degree of risk involved. Lightning from or accompanying storms is very dangerous if it hits a person and extremely harmful if it strikes electrical or communications networks.

WiGolf includes a latest-generation lightning detection system with minute-by-minute information on lightning strikes within previously defined safety perimeters, and sends automatic SMS or email warnings, giving us time to react and evacuate the course or disconnect installations such as automatic irrigation systems, communications networks, etc.

Lightning strikes cannot be avoided, but timely precautions can be taken before the storm becomes visible to the eye.

Better service

The typical golf player is someone who enjoys playing, loves to have fun and is patient. He takes pleasure from his shots, routes, preparation and every moment spent in a green, peaceful, clean and carefully prepared environment. Thus, he greatly appreciates his club offering the best possible service, including precise, accurate weather information: sun, clouds, rain, temperature, wind… these all affect the game and can spoil the pleasure of the day’s golf.

WiGolf is specially valued by club managers, as it provides highly accurate, hourly information on atmospheric conditions for up to six days, but also, in the event of rain, shows the current meteorological radar and uses the most advanced formulae to calculate the movement of the rain, providing up to 2-hour forecasts of changes, including calculating its intensity.

This information gives players reliable and precise data on meteorological conditions, so they can plan their activities for maximum enjoyment.

Better sport

Tournaments each have their own rules and referees ensure they are abided by. But managers have to make decisions on stopping play due to too much rain, wind, lightning, and so forth. Often, these decisions conflict with the sponsors or other interested parties, who see the weather threatening an event that is important for their prestige and in which they have invested a lot of money.

This is why tools such as WiGolf are useful, enabling this type of decision to be supported by real-time measurement of precipitation and foreseeable short-term changes. This knowledge based on observation and calculations provides warnings of specific future meteorological events, but also means their disappearance can be forecast and thus ensure a prompt restart of a suspended tournament, giving players and referees time to prepare and successfully finish, if favourable conditions return.

Better Management

Good management consists of making the right decisions. To be able choose and decide, quality information is essential. Correct maintenance and care of golf courses takes up a large part of the yearly budget, and some decisions have major financial impacts. WiGolf is a highly valuable tool, as it provides very accurate information for decision making:

  • Irrigation programmes

    Optimising irrigation is particularly useful due to the high cost (water and electricity) of the operation. WiGolf provides advanced knowledge of expected precipitation and also measures precipitation that has fallen. It also gives an hour-by-hour evapotranspiration forecast, thus permitting preventative irrigation to stop plants deteriorating due to heat or wind, a situation that is both costly and difficult to restore.

  • Course maintenance.

    Precise knowledge of rain and wind, as well as humidity and other variables, facilitates maintenance work, where applying fertilisers, fungicide treatment and other tasks are carried out at the most suitable time for ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Course opening

    Forecasts of frosts and hour-by-hour changes in temperature help decide on and schedule course opening times for when the frost has melted. It is especially useful for organising tournaments, where players are summoned at a given time, so it is convenient to be able to check that atmospheric conditions are such as to permit play. Similarly, excessive wind can prevent the sport from being played and it is hardly practical to ask players to wait to see if the wind drops, when reliable information is available on whether wind intensity will be too great over the following hours.

  • Green aeration

    Some maintenance operations require several days’ consecutive work, when the appearance of rain would be inconvenient and cause work to be suspended. Daily and up to six-day forecasts for the course itself are provided by WiGolf and are updated twice a day, allowing the most suitable dates for this type of task to be chosen.

  • Selling Greens fees

    Each course has its own policy, and private members’ clubs work differently from greens fee-paying clubs. In the latter, offers and discounts can be scheduled when prior information of unfavourable conditions is available and low public attendance is feared.

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