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Frequently asked questions and doubts
  • Do I have to install a sensor on the course?
    No equipment has to be installed or maintained. Information comes from official radar data and other stations and sensors to be used in the calculations made on our computers.
  • Can it be viewed from any computer?
    Yes, you only need an Internet connection and the use of latest-generation browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Explorer (version 8.0 or higher).
  • Can the system be accessed by more than one user?
    An account has a login name and password, which can be used by anyone and can be changed by the administrator. Parallel access for up to five computers is permitted.
  • Can one account have various locations?
    Yes, an account can have an unlimited number of locations, with different calculations and alarms for each.
  • How accurate are radar forecasts?
    Normally radar has a precision of 1 km2, which means that the forecast is the same within this distance, but greater distances are distinguished.
  • How reliable are the rain forecasts?
    For radar forecasts, reliability is more than 90%, with errors only occurring when the rain stops or appears for the first time. In the six-day models, accuracy is more than 50% for rains forecast on the sixth day while the rate is more than 80% for one-day rain forecasts.
  • What advantages do I get over other types of free weather information?
    WiGolf is a professional tool designed to help decision making in day-to-day tasks. It provides more precise and more reliable, regional, configurable information and offers an automatic alert service. No website offers radar technology with this precision, or sends precipitation or lightning warnings with sufficient time for action to be taken at golf courses.
  • Can I add the forecast data to the club website?
    Yes, you can automatically edit the weekly forecast and current weather pictograms on club websites to better inform your members and players.
  • Can I add members to the alert system?
    Yes, the list of people you can send messages to is unlimited. The account administrator can add and delete addresses.
  • Are the new versions of the programme included in the price?
    Yes, normally updates and improvements are made four times a year and are added automatically when published.
  • What happens if the radar or lightning data are not available?
    The programme will indicate if the most critical sources of information (radar and lightning) are not accessible.
  • If it warns me about lightning, how long do I have to clear the course?
    The warnings are sent with a two-minute delay after the first lightning strike, at a distance of 30 or 40 km from the course. This normally gives a margin of more than half an hour.
  • If I go on vacation, how do I deactivate the alerts?
    The user profiles can be deactivated without having to delete them, so that you will not receive alerts over this period.
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