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Boosted by innovation

A young and dynamic company

hyds (hydrometeorological innovative solutions) is a young and dynamic company that offers innovative solutions in hydrometeorology. Originating from one of the leading research groups worldwide in the field of hydrometeorology (CRAHI-UPC), hyds has become one of the most innovative companies in the international sphere, with numerous synergies and close ties with the scientific world. These capabilities allow hyds to explore new avenues in the transfer of scientific advances in real-time applications.

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Solutions aimed
at the challenges of the real world

The weather has become one of the main factors influencing modern society: it can cause severe delays in any kind of transport, and influences many professional sectors, with significant implications for a series of outdoor activities. hyds recognises the need to have quality hydrometeorological information at hand and offers a series of innovative products to help different areas of society —businesses, managers of public and private infrastructure, outdoor activities, etc.— in minimising the effects of adverse weather conditions on their activities.

Technology transfer
as a source of innovation

hyds’ success comes from two sources: innovation and inspiration; the constant transfer of technology from key research centres to hyds (relationship with the scientific world) and continuous dialogue with the end user (relationship with clients). The combination of both allows hyds to offer highly innovative solutions that respond to the challenges of the real world.

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